I joined Melanin Matchmaker in late 2019 as I was finding it very difficult to meet people of my preference. My matchmaker was brilliant, He paid great attention to detail and took the time to understand what I was looking for in a partner.

I was introduced to a few matches before Sonia but after being introduced to her, we instantly connected. Sonia was exactly what I was looking for and we are now engaged to marry in 2021. I can’t sing Melanin Matchmaker’s praises enough.

Ebe, Engineer, 38

I joined Melanin Matchmaker because I found the dating world very frustrating and meeting someone who was intentional was very important to me.

I had to be patient for my first match, but it was worth it as me and Ebe sparked straight away. We had so much in common and we shared the same values and most importantly goals!

My matchmaker was amazing, he advised me and reassured me throughout the process. I will always be grateful to him for helping me find the man of my dreams.

Sonia, Lawyer, 34

After years of online dating with no luck, a friend recommended I tried Melanin Matchmaker and I’m so glad I took her advice.

Melanin Matchmaker found me everything I was looking for and more with my now fiancé.

Melanin Matchmaker was exactly what I needed as I started to lose faith in ever meeting anyone.

Zainab, Conveyancer, 36

Melanin Matchmaker was great for both of us as we’re both very busy with our careers and as a result have limited social lives. We both had a few matches before being introduced to each other, but they didn’t work out. We’ve been together a while now and are thoroughly enjoying the journey we are on. Our experience on Melanin Matchmaker was very positive and we love the concept.

Tyrone, Associate Director, 34 and Davina, Business Owner, 29

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